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Pottery & Planting Stones


Special ProcessThis stoneware is our finest work. These pots are crafted from reddish brown or gray clay. Our special process creates a surface effect that is subtle, yet strikingly exquisite, like that of deep grained burnished leather or the appearance of having been hewn from fine-grained marbled granite. They must be seen to be appreciated. The process is very labor intensive and all is done by hand. This process creates ancient pots right from the kiln!

Fossil Pottery

Well accepted as exemplary Zen art.


We are continually developing new colors all the time. We will try to keep you updated on the best. Click here to view samples of our glazes.

New!  Penjing Pots

Tall cascade pot

Popular Penjing (Chinese bonsai) cascade and oval pots. As imports they are now hard to get from overseas distributors. I get great response mine at shows. Now you can order them from us, high fired and more durable than the imports. Cascades with taper are frost/winter hardy. Because the ovals have recurved sides they should not be allowed to freeze.
I will maintain some sizes in stock , however. it is best you assess your needs and order well in advance (months ahead for larger pots). Important! please ignore the 'legs' when measuring and ordering ovals and cascades.

These are great pots adding diversity and interest to the art form!
Penjing pots, order by phone or email.  Important! please ignore the 'legs' when measuring and ordering ovals or cascades. We need approximate diameter and height for  cascades . Approximate length, width, and depth for ovals. You will receive an appropriate cost quote and availability without obligation to you. Items are all handmade and deliberately designed to vary slightly and be 'one of a kind'. View pottery gallery

What Others are Saying

"I like the special process pots very much, especially for bunjin, literatti, and cascade styles. They beautifully compliment very strong and powerful trees. Unique!" Marian Borchers, owner of Bonsai Garden, Tampa, Fla., and past president of the Tampa Bonsai Club (Hukyn).

"The special process pottery incorporates traditional Japanese designs with a unique and innovative finishing process. These are both handsome and well suited to the art. They offer an original approach to the bonsai container industry and work well with a wide variety of plant materials and styles." Randy T. Clark, Past President, Minnesota Bonsai Society, past Managing Editor of 'Bonsai Magazine', and owner of the Bonsai Learning Center in North Carolina.

View pottery gallery 

New! Stoneware Slabs

Our stoneware slabs take the place of slate and granite slabs; they have ample drainage holes and/or tie in holes.
They have an exquisite natural texture!

Their designed concavity makes them as easy to use as shallow ovals or rectangles.
Remember, when a slab is shown it can be position oriented (to the viewer) to display the planting to its best by turning it as needed.
Something that is artistically awkward with ovals or rectangles that did not get potted perfectly.

Various sizes and shapes will be in stock.
Or we can custom make a slab from a sketch if you have a preferred form (order well in advance) . Or just request an approximate length, width, and average depth ( please order well in advance). You will receive a no obligation quote and/or in stock availability. Please email us or call
1-800-528-2827. View pottery gallery

Lacerock Planting Stone Examples 

Two examples of lacerock, a heavily pocketed volcanic rock found on the exterior of a volcanic mountain.
The ultimate lichen encrusted volcanic rock for bonsai rockscapes , more natural than volcanic rocks that formed underwater.

Smoother stones are good for all species of trees. More jagged forms ideally suited to conifer rockscapes. 
Desirable but scarce. Prices range from $14 to $140.
Please email us or call 1-800-528-2827. You will receive a no obligation quote.
View pottery gallery

Other items of interest:
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