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Class Schedule

Click on a class title or scroll through this page to view our list of bonsai classes.

We are also available to travel to your home or club for workshops, demo's and lectures. Call 800-528-2827 for details.

dwarf trees


This Introductory Bonsai Course has been particularly planned for students who have had no experience in this fascinating living horticultural art form. The aesthetic appreciation and fundamentals of Classical Bonsai Art are taught in an eight-hour course. Major emphasis will be on the theory and techniques of bonsai design, pruning, wiring and potting. Lesson consists of demonstration and workshop where students are encouraged and assisted in creating their own bonsai. Each student will create a bonsai by the end of the course. Species suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation will be available for purchase.

All classes will be held at the DaSu Bonsai Studio 27887 Timber Rd. Kelley, IA 50134, unless other arrangements are made.


  • Lesson I
    History, Styles-Pruning Aesthetics

  • Lesson II

  • Lesson III
    Care & Maintenance

  • Lesson IV
    Creating your own Bonsai

Registration fee includes bonsai soil. Please bring your own bonsai tools, however tools will be available for use or purchase in the classroom. Plant material, containers, wire and textbooks will be prepared and available for purchase. Phone 800-528-2827 to register or for additional information. [Back to class listing]

dwarf trees

$30 per session

The Open Bonsai Workshops are for students who want to refine their own bonsai or create new specimens. The Open Bonsai Workshops will provide detailed, individual instruction. Phone 800-528-2827 to register or for additional information.

During the Open Bonsai Workshops students are encouraged to bring their own trees for critique, training or transplanting. A wide selection of plant material, containers and supplies are also available. Spring is the best time to transplant bonsai in the Midwest area. Students also learn from watching others work on their own bonsai during these workshops. There is no formal lecture/demonstration, a full three hours can be spent working to refine or create your bonsai.   [Back to class listing]

dwarf trees

$59 per session

This workshop will enable you to create an easy-to-care for, finished lace rock rockscape. The technique learned is very different from the traditional technique of plastering trees to the side of a rock, or plastering into cavities of a rock with a muck of poor water permeability and poor aeration.

You will learn to create a rockscape that is easy to water (because regular bonsai soil is used) and has good root aeration.

These rockscapes should be as easy-care as tray-planted bonsai, and should not require more frequent watering.

Lace rock is a lichen-encrusted volcanic rock collected from the exterior of a volcanic mountain, not to be confused with the grey to black or red forms of lava that were formed underwater and lack a natural color and texture. Lace rock's natural appearance is unsurpassed and needs to be seen close up to be fully appreciated.

Cost will only be $59, which will include instruction, trees, lace rock, epoxy putty, planting muck (if needed), moss, wire (if needed), and bonsai soil. Trees offered will be indoor tolerant, or outdoor type trees, your choice.

[Back to class listing]

dwarf trees


Our most popular offering is probably consulting. It is very simple: call us at 800-528-2827, make arrangements, and for $25/hour we will advise/critique/and work on your trees. Or you can get help with items you purchase at the studio. Bring friends - you can split the $25/hour fee with them - economical and fun! [Back to class listing]

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