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We accept the following credit cards:
Master Card, Visa & Discover

Ordering Information

This is the place where you will find all that boring ordering information. However, since we are shipping perishable live plants it is imperative that you take a few minutes to read this information.

Orders shipped internationally (to countries outside the United States) will add a shipping cost figured at 75% of the product order total, to cover the much higher international shipping costs. NOTE: We do not ship live products internationally; for example, trees and plants.

Shipping to the 48 continental United States will be charged at a flat rate of $9.99 for the first item ordered (regardless of the quantity of that item ordered); another $9.99 will be charged for the second item ordered, again regardless of quantity, to a maximum of $19.98 for any order. Orders over $100 receive FREE SHIPPING in the continental United States! **

Although considerable time and materials are required to pack your order to arrive safely THERE ARE NO HANDLING CHARGES.

We can only ship when weather conditions permit.

When We Ship
We appreciate your order and will ship it at the time you request or as nearly as possible. Our turnaround is very fast, most orders are shipped the Monday after they are received. We ship year round, weather permitting. If your order will be delayed we will contact you with the anticipated shipping date so you can watch for it. We will confirm the amount and the shipping date of e mail orders in a day or two after they are received.

Telephone Orders 800-528-2827

Commerce orders for trees, pottery, stands / slabs, books / videos, and supplies whenever possible. However you may telephone in your credit card number. If we are away from the phone you may leave your name and phone number on our answering machine. We will then return your call to get the necessary information.

Method of Payment

We must receive payment before your order is shipped. If we have your credit card number on file, this is sufficient. Otherwise we must have your check for the full amount of the order before we can ship. We can accept only VISA and MASTERCARD. For your protection we do not send a copy of the bankcard slip. We do send a complete invoice and will send your copy of the bankcard slip by mail if you request it.

Refunds and Substitutions

These should only be necessary if you are ordering by mail. Please let us know if you prefer a refund or a substitution (you can list substitutions). E mail orders are confirmed so that refunds and substitutions are unnecessary.

Shipping Dates

Please tell us when you would like to receive your order. ASAP orders are usually shipped the Monday after they are received. Weather sometimes causes delays in shipping and we will attempt to contact you if there is a delay.

Shipping Charges

We will charge list price on FedEx shipping and actual shipping charge by any other company you prefer your shipment sent.

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*SOIL PURCHASES: Shipping rates outlined above, plus additional Special shipping rates apply to soil; see soils pages for guidelines and information.

**Shipping rates outlined above apply to domestic orders shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, plus a $15 Surcharge will be applied to your order. NOTE: We do not ship live products to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico; for example, trees and plants.

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